Campbell Station

A common maxim says that the whole is strengthened by the sum of its parts. While this likely wasn’t first used to describe music, it holds true in the case of Nashville-based band Campbell Station. Although Campbell Ross, Elaina Conner and Seth Ferguson come from different places, backgrounds and interests, it’s clear that they share the most important common denominator of all: a love of music. Campbell Station is the perfect blend of exceptional styles and talents that showcases its members' strengths to create country/rock music that is truly special.

Until coming together as Campbell Station, Campbell, Elaina and Seth each pursued music separately. After going to college in Texas, Campbell moved to Nashville and began performing at downtown honky-tonks. Elaina had already moved to the area from her hometown of Lafayette, Georgia, to attend a nearby university, and she started singing background vocals in studio recordings and live performances. The two met and became fast friends. Soon after, Elaina introduced Seth, her childhood friend who recently moved to Nashville to pursue music and had been working with other artists, to Campbell and the trio clicked. That night, Seth picked up a guitar, Campbell began singing, and Elaina added harmonies, and Campbell Station was born.

Together, the trio weave together their unique strengths to create an inimitable sound of their own. Campbell's strong, pitch-perfect alto voice and distinctive performance style make her a natural lead vocalist, while Elaina’s beautiful voice, spot-on pitch and instinctive ability to harmonize complement Campbell perfectly. Seth, who has been playing multiple instruments since childhood, arranges the songs in a way that truly brings together the best that the group has to offer. The result is the incomparable country/rock sound of Campbell Station.

Performing, writing and recording, Campbell, Elaina and Seth have a growing legion of fans for their excellent sound and energetic performances.  From YouTube to iTunes; from the Iroquois Steeplechase in Nashville to Chattanooga's Riverbend Festival; from Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge to Puckett’s; Campbell Station is a memorable group that needs to be experienced firsthand.