What People Are Saying About The Feast of the Blessed Sacrament!

Jessica wrote:

The Feast is the time of the year I usually  plan my vacation around. Best food, seeing friends that you haven't seen in years, or at least since last year, and great entertainment! Right here in our back yards. A time to be proud of our city and culture. And Candlebox rocks! Good choice for a national band. Their music is awesome!

Tammy wrote:

The Feast of the Blessed Sacrament is a wonderful event filled with so many components, yet each as important as the other: parades, religious and cultural gatherings among family and friends, musical entertainment, food, drink, souvenirs, etc. Attending this feast makes me even more proud to be Portuguese, and thrilled that it takes place in my birth city of New Bedford.

Andrea wrote:

I love everything about the Feast! The food of course is delicious! Its hard to pick what to eat everyday. And that its 4 days long is awesome. Family and friends for out of town always come home for the feast, so that makes it more special. And the entertainment is fantastic! And there is no entrance fee! I love the feast so much, i attend every day!

Jessica wrote:

Tons of fun, meet and see lots of good people, and of course the Wine!

Fatima wrote:

Love the carne de espeto cant wait to try the madeira cod fish sandwich & we cant forget the madeira wine :)

Tim wrote:

The Awesome music year after year!  Every year after a great weekend of food drinks and music, I always wonder who will play at next years feast.  Always another great band to look forward to!

Cathy wrote:

Carne guisada, tried it last year, loved it!

Linda wrote:

I look forward to bringing my mom and little sis all the way from CT to join in the fun as my dad once brought us-years b4 he passed away.I know he'll be there in spirit...& we'll be sure to visit his "brick" ("A.A. from Campanário, Madeira Island") ...by the well,next to the museum. xoxo ...'Till then!

Cheryl wrote:

who doesn't love the feast, the best event ever. i love seeing friends i haven't seen in awhile and the food is awesome! the entertainment is the go to for me.

Carolyn wrote:

Everything, but I'll have to pick the cacoila sandwich. Can't wait to be there.

Brian wrote:

Linguica sandwich and a cold beer, a malassadas and hot cup of coffee to end the night, u can't beat it !!!!

Kathi wrote:

Does madeira wine count as food???  Lol. I had it for the first time last year at the feast with my 82 year old Dad.  The carne espeto (spelling?) that we did on the skewers.  We had never done it before and we were both like two little kids in a candy store.  We had so much fun with the whole process and the laughs.  Sharing this moment with my Dad was the best time ever.  Thank you!!!

Jessica wrote:

Music and Food of course.. but the sense of family is what i like most. bringing my children and making a family trip. that is the best part for me :) Happy 100th!! See you all there!!

Clayton wrote:

How does someone pick a favorite thing about the feast? It's the tradition that it's August it's the Feast, it's the energy while there, it's the food, it's a toast of wine with friends and family.

Marcia wrote:

What is there not to LOVE About the portuguessesfeast,I enjoy cooking meat with the wine , an a shot for me to , getting together with family an friends , enjoy all the entertainment,I love that everyone is happy to be there .always look forward to going,each summer! Thank you All for making it all happen;such a wonderful festive TIME...see you 7/30/15

Katelyn wrote:

I love being able to meet up with friends and family.  You never know who you are going to see at the Feast!  I also love being able to help out and volunteer my time.  I have been a part of the Feast since 1998, when my brothers and I helped serve Malasadas.  This has been a part of my life for so long that EVERYONE there has become a second family to me. I love being able to share my Portuguese Heritage with the world!

Christine wrote:

I love meeting up with old friends and making new ones!! The food is awesome and I absolutely love the Sangria with my shot of Madeira of course. Thanks for making every year memorable and adding Country music to the line up..LOL

Linda wrote:

By far, the carne espeto. Everything is delicious, but the folks from Madeira have the magic touch. Can't wait!!

Kristen wrote:

This english girl likes the milho frito...and a big cacoila sandwich too!!  love working the feast (barraca 12) and being an honorary madeiran 4 days a year!

Ronald wrote:

Oh no fair asking me to choose one but I would have to go with  Carne De Espeto yea I can and do eat it at local resteraunts in the area year round but its the standing around the fire pit with family and friends and sharing laughs and good times, listening to the music in the background, I am brought back to a different time and place when all the problems and issues of every day life are gone if only for a little while, the meat cooking slowly on the skewers, you watch the color of the meat changing from red to golden brown and hear the sizzle makes the waite difficult but ohhhh so worth it, finally the meat is just right , its finally ready and with great anticipation you approach the table where your family and friends wait their eyes as wide as they are on Christmas Morning, we bow our heads and give thanks and then the eating begins. PS don't forget the Pops and a beverage (wink)

Jessica wrote:

Everything plus I love the bands you choose every year!!!

Neil wrote:

My favorite part of the feast is seeing friends who I don"t normally see during the year.  I can go to the feast and expect to see old classmates, old coworkers, old neighbors, and a ton of new people that I will meet during the 4 days of festivities.

John wrote:

I've been going to the feast since the mid 1980's  i go mostly for the music, the food, and the friends I don't see very often. The blending of cultures even though its a Portuguese Feast, people of many different backgrounds show up here to have good clean fun.