Food & Drink

Tastes For Feast

Milho Frito- Here's a special new offering that will bring back memories of what your Portuguese grandma used to make to go along with a big meal. Cornmeal, garlic, finely shredded kale and quick dip in hot oil makes this old favorite a great snack item to go along with some carne d'espeto. Offered for sale near the carne d'espeto barbecue pit!
Pasteis de Bacalau (codfish cakes)

If there's one thing visitors to The Feast of the Blessed Sacrament remember, it's the fabulous food and refreshing beverages. Whether one starts with a tasty linguiça sandwich or a complete meal of Portuguese style chicken, beef, goat or tuna with potatoes, rice and vegetables, there is something to please every palate.

Carne de Espeto - Feast-goers of all ages are drawn by the wonderful aromas wafting through the air to our giant outdoor Carne de Espeto barbecue pit. Here, hundreds of hungry visitors gather to skewer our delicious beef sirloin cubes and do their own cooking. After rubbing some aromatic salt on the beef and finding just the right spot over the coals, its just a matter of minutes before the tender and flavorful Carne de Espeto is ready to eat. Lava rock ensures that the temperature of the gas-fired barbecue stays evenly hot.

Madeira Wine - One of the most special treats for any feast-goer of age is the Madeira wine. Shipped in barrels, directly from The Island of Madeira, this wine is served exclusively at the Feast of the Blessed Sacrament. Because of new regulations, the exporting of authentic Madeira wine is strictly controlled. Through an exclusive and special agreement between Feast organization officials and the President of Madeira, permission has been given for the Feast to sell this world renowned sweet and delicious wine. For those with other tastes, the Feast offers a full bar for mixed drinks. In addition, sangria and white wines are available along with Madeira wine at the wine shed beneath the santana house across from the main stage. The very popular Budweiser Beer is sold on tap throughout the Feast grounds. Also bottled water, many flavors of soft drinks, coffee and espresso are available. The Feast of the Blessed Sacrament acknowledges its responsibility to the community in making certain that alcoholic beverages are served in moderation only to those persons of legal drinking age. Color wrist bands, available at no charge with proof of age, must be worn by anyone who would like to enjoy an alcoholic refreshment at the feast.

Description of Foods & Beverages

ATUM - Marinated tuna pieces with onion and parsley served cold in a Portuguese bread roll or as cooked tuna steaks.

BACALHAU - Codfish chunks in a flavorful "molho" of Portuguese spices, garlic, parsley and onions.

CABRA - Tender young goat meat cooked in tomatoes, herbs and Portuguese spices.

CAÇOILA - Pork butts marinated in wine-vinegar, then stewed.

CARNE de ESPETO - Tender barbequed cubes of top-grade beef spiced with coarse salt, bay leaves and garlic powder.

CARNE GALINHA - Roasted chicken, prepared Portuguese style, mildy seasoned with an aromatic blend of spices and served with vegetables.

CARNE GUISADA - Stewed beef steeped in natural juices, seasoned and spiced to perfection.

CARNE de VINHO e ALHOS - Delicious pork cubes marinating in Madeira wine, garlic and Portuguese spices and herbs and cooked to perfection.

COELHO - Stewed tender young rabbit cooked Portuguese style.

FAVAS - Large, flat beans cooked and simmered in a savory, spicy sauce

LINGUIÇA - A spicy, tangy Portuguese sausage, grilled and served in a Portuguese bread roll.

MALASSADAS - Deep-fried Portuguese dough, soft and fluffy and coated with sugar.

TREMÔÇOS - Small yellow Portuguese beans served cold as a delicious appetizer to compliment your beverage.

VINHO - Madeira wine and sangria full of flavor from the vineyards of Madeira.

CERVEJA - Beer always served cold from the tap.

ÁGUA - The finest spring water served in bottles.

Join us! It all starts Thursday!