Moldy Suitcases

Moldy Suitcases

Hailing from the Bristol County area, The Moldy Suitcases is a tribute to the underground style of the 1920's. Over the past year, the group has developed their own quirky originals, even their own instruments, in hopes of recapturing that long forgotten style.

Being, for the most part, an acoustic act, The Moldy Suitcases can pick up and play virtually anywhere. Kelsey, lead vocalist, has a vocal style that sounds classically '20s; while Tom Poitras (ukelele), Greg Faris (upright bass), and Tom O'Leary (suitcases) add the punk-like hootin' and hollerin' that has rarely crossed paths with the smooth jazz sound.

Overall, the Moldy Suitcases' stage looks very much like a yard-sale - full of interesting odds and ends. Tom O'Leary plays percussion on an assortment of vinyl and cloth suitcases, with attached buckets, brass ornaments, and wooden boxes. Every once and while, you'll even catch him shredding a washboard and zydeco tie.

Kelsey, besides singing lead, solos on a home-made instrument the band has dubbed "the Can." Her solos are reminiscent of your classic horn solos - except for their kazoo-like sound.

Tom Poitras can often be found with multiple ukeleles of varying size and design. However, he isn't afraid to whip out his banjolele when he's looking for a punchier sound, or his strum-stick for a sweeter one.

Greg Faris, while holding down some wonderful walking bass lines on his upright bass, will slap out some impressive rhythms and regularly instigates the recognizable Moldy hollerin'.