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Museum of Madeiran Heritage

Visitors to the annual Portuguese Feast of the Blessed Sacrament can escape the noise and pace of Madeira Field with a short walk of a few yards to a quiet corner, at the bottom of the hill at the Museum of Madeiran Heritage. Of course, the museum itself will be open until 10:00 p.m. throughout the feast (admission free), but the real treat is the quiet Museum Café located in the cobblestone courtyard just south of the building. This beautiful section of the museum grounds was finished a few years ago and reflects many of the patterned mosaic stone streets and walkways of the cities and towns in Madeira. Volunteers from the Museum and Feast Committees will be on hand to serve wine, cool drinks and espresso and cappuccino. Tasty Portuguese pastries will also be offered. The setting is quiet and protected from the weather under a giant white tent. Quiet Madeiran and other music create a calming atmosphere where conversation is easy at comfortable bistro style tables.Impromptu performances by the club’s Grapo Folclorico Madeirense are a cherished treat. Renowned local fado singers are regular guests at our café singing the soulful Portuguese music.
The Museum of Madeiran Heritage was opened at the start of the Feast of 1999. It is the only museum dedicated to the history and heritage of the islands of Madeira that lie 600 miles southwest of Portugal. Inside, visitors will find a fascinating collection of Madeiran art, and fine crafts including, embroidery, lace, linens, pottery and weaving. Traditional costumes of Folkloric dancers are on display along with an authentic ‘corca’ or sled used to transport visitors from the village of Monte high atop a hill outside of Funchal, the capital city of Madeira. On the north side of the museum is the beautiful Madeira Garden, with a fountain, grape arbor and plantings surrounding the lawn reminiscent of the garden isle. A large brick patio commemorates members and friends who have donated to the on-going work of the museum. Individual engraved bricks continue to be sold and arrangements may be made with the museum staff. The museum continues to add to its collections by kind donations from people of Madeiran heritage throughout North America and through ties to Madeira. If you have or know of items of Madeiran origin and are willing to consider a donation, please contact the museum at (508) 994-2573. The location address of the Museum of Madeiran Heritage was changed in 2001 to 1 Funchal Place as a way of honoring and establishing a stronger tie to its ‘motherland’. The official mailing address remains 50 Madeira Avenue, New Bedford, MA 02746. The museum operates as an affiliate of the Clube Madeirense S.S. Sacramento, Inc. and is staffed by member volunteers.
Our Museum is open on Sunday 1:00 to 4:00 pm, May through October. Group tours can be arranged at other times by appointment. Due to the generosity of local businesses and patrons, admission to the Museum is free.
One of the favorite attractions of our annual feast is the wonderful food prepared fresh and served to the thousands of people who appreciate authentic Portuguese cuisine. In celebration of the importance of food in our culture, the Museum Committee collected recipes from the Madeiran community and printed a cookbook which is available for sale at the museum. The cookbook entitled “Madeiran Cooking” is a collection of tried and true favorites “influenced by the people and culture of Madeira”. The book is broken into chapters on soups, meats, seafood, miscellaneous, bread, drinks and desserts. One will find recipes for favorites such as kale soup, calde verde, bacalhau, milho frito, favas to name a few. In addition to its rich array of recipes the book features photographs and biographical sketches or short stories from the contributing cooks. It was a labor of love for those who put the book together and a sure treat for those fortunate to have one. The cookbook makes a wonderful gift and is available for $12.00 by calling the museum at (508) 994-2573.
Reserve a place in history by donating an engraved brick to be placed in the walkways of the Museum of Madeiran Heritage.

Buy a Brick For A Memory That Lives Every Day.
Donation - $100.00